User Experience / User Interface

User Experience

First, before diving into design we need to fgure out some basic ideas and goals:

  • What content will this site provide?
  • Who will use it?
  • What are we want to achieve?
  • Do we want to sell a product, give information or entertain?
  • Who are the competitors and how thier website looks like - and why?

Only after we understand all that we can start placeing guide lines for our design.


A quick and efficient step to check our design flow. A sitemap and Wireframes will help us understand better how the site works and to detect problems beforehand. After building our plan we can start to create the content to each page. Having content ready will help us design better and quicker - optimising the design for the content and not forcing the content on the design.

visual Interface

Finally after all the planning we can start creating the visual part of the website. It will be based on the company brand identity, the clients feedback and trendy inspirations. After the design is approved it will go in to development and eventually - online.

mockup of yookidoo website

The Works Design Communications
Interactive Holiday Card

UX/UI, illustrations and motion graphics for an interactive annual holiday card.
Programming: Minh Hoang


My experience and practical knowledge of user interface design I gained while working at InManage between 2013-2015. InManage is a Creative Technology Company with the specialization in web design and application developments.